Walk N Roll

Intercity Transit’s Walk N Roll program partners with schools and community organizations to offer activities that educate and encourage youth to walk, bike and take the bus. The Walk N Roll program strives to create a healthier, safer and more active community.

Bicycle Commuter Challenge

Intercity Transit’s Bicycle Commuter Challenge (BCC) is a series of community events each winter and spring that encourages Thurston County residents of all ages and abilities to try bicycling as a means of transportation -- and gives rewards and recognition to those who do. The BCC began in 1988 as a challenge between a few workplaces in Olympia with 30 people participating. Since then, the event has “grown up,” along with its level of participation. In 2006, Intercity Transit began hosting the event and it has now become one of Intercity Transit’s many programs for improving mobility and the quality of life in our community.