Meeting Schedule

Meeting Title Date
November 20, 2019 Authority Meeting
December 4, 2019 Authority Meeting
December 18, 2019 Authority Meeting

Archived Authority Meeting Packets

ITA Transit 101 Handbook

The Transit 101 Handbook has important agency information provided to our new Authority members for orientation.

Where does the Authority Hold its meetings?

Typically, the Authority holds its meetings at the Intercity Transit business office:
526 Pattison Street SE
Olympia, WA 98501 
Routes 60, 62A, 62B, and 66 serve this location. (See note below about accessibility for people with disabilities.)

May I Comment at any Authority Meeting?

Yes. The meetings are open to the public and include a forum for citizen comments, usually just after the 5:30 start time.

Does the Meeting Location Accommodate People with Disabilities?

Yes. The building is wheelchair accessible. If you need hearing services, call 360-705-5860 48 hours before the meeting time.

Accessing the building:  Routes 60, 62A, 62B, and 66 serve the business office.  There is an accessible path to the building entrance off of Pattison Street. Look for the path to the north of the visitors' entrance.

Who do I Contact About Authority Business?

Pat Messmer
Phone: 360-705-5860
Fax: 360-357-6184