To ensure the comfort and safety of our passengers, we ask all riders to observe these rules of conduct at transit centers, bus stops and on buses. Our zero-fare program is a privilege that will only remain in place if we’re able to keep service safe and comfortable for all. Prohibited conduct includes, but is not limited to:

  • Continuous riding – i.e. all riders must exit the bus within one full round trip.
  • Boarding without wearing a shirt, pants/shorts and shoes.
  • Harassing drivers, other employees or riders.
  • Disturbing others with loud, harmful or harassing behavior and playing music that can be heard by others.
  • Using profanity: written, spoken or otherwise.
  • Littering.
  • Eating or drinking (except from a covered container) on the bus.
  • Smoking, including but not limited to: tobacco, electronic cigarettes, marijuana, vaping, rolling or chewing tobacco, or consuming alcohol, etc.
  • Crossing in front of the bus.
  • Loitering or panhandling.
  • Putting feet on the seats.
  • Defacing or damaging property.
  • Sleeping, lying down or occupying more than one seat.
  • Carrying a firearm on a bus in a way that warrants alarm.
  • Carrying car batteries, flammables, explosives, or other dangerous materials.
  • Refusing to move from seats located in front area of bus to accommodate passengers with disabilities, using mobility devices and seniors.
  • Refusing to collapse stroller to accommodate passengers with disabilities, using mobility devices and seniors.
  • Not safely securing items in appropriate storage areas on bus.
  • Violating federal, state or municipal laws,
  • Bringing animals on the bus, except in suitable containers. Service animals accompanying individuals with disabilities are permitted. Staff may ask that service animals be removed from the premises if they are out of control, improperly restrained or pose a direct threat to the health or safety of others.
  • Failure to maintain a reasonable level of personal hygiene.
  • Not following bus operator directions as required.

When the bus is full, please be courteous and share your seat.

Please respect the rights of other riders and follow the rules above. Violators may be banned from service, fined or arrested. For a complete copy of the Rules of Conduct, email

Stroller Policy

A child may remain in the stroller to board and ride on the bus, if the stroller:

  • Collapses.
  • Is equipped with brakes, which must be locked.
  • Does not block aisles, doors, steps, or emergency exits.
  • Is controlled by an adult in a space designated for mobility device at all times.

If the mobility device spaces are occupied, or at any time during the trip need to be occupied by a passenger using a mobility device, the parent or guardian must remove the child and fold the stroller. Children with special needs may remain in a stroller secured in the mobility device position.

After using, please put the seat down.

For safety reasons, we recommend that riders with children in strollers back them down the ramp when exiting the bus.

For questions, please contact Customer Service at 360-786-1881.