To ensure the comfort and safety of our passengers, we ask all riders to observe these rules of conduct at transit centers, bus stops, and on buses. Prohibited conduct includes, but is not limited to:

  • Refusing to pay the proper fare,
  • Boarding without wearing a shirt and shoes,
  • Harassing drivers, other employees, or riders,
  • Disturbing others with loud, harmful,or harassing behavior and playing music that can be heard by others,
  • Using profanity,
  • Littering,
  • Eating or drinking (except from a covered container) on the bus,
  • Smoking, including but not limited to, tobacco, electronic cigarettes, marijuana, etc.,
  • Using tobacco or consuming alcohol,
  • Loitering or panhandling,
  • Putting feet on the seats,
  • Defacing or damaging property,
  • Sleeping, lying down, or occupying more than one seat,
  • Carrying a firearm on a bus in a way that warrants alarm,
  • Carrying car batteries, flammable, explosive, or dangerous materials,
  • Refusing to move from seats located in front area of bus to accommodate passengers in wheelchairs,
  • Refusing to collapse stroller to accommodate passengers in wheelchairs,
  • Not safely securing items in appropriate storage areas on bus,
  • Violating federal, state, or municipal laws,
  • Animals on the bus, except in suitable containers or accompanying individuals with disabilities. Note: Staff may ask a person with disabilities to remove his or her service animal from the premises if: (1) the animal is out of control; or (2) the animal poses a threat to the health or safety of others.

Please respect the rights of other riders and follow the rules above. Violators may be banned from service, fined, or arrested. For a complete copy of the Rules of conduct, email

When the bus is full, please be courteous and share your bus seat.