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Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, all in-person Walk N Roll events and activities are canceled until further notice. Walk N Roll continues to find new and creative ways to engage youth and families in virtual events and activities. Please check the pages below for more information. If you have any questions please contact us at

Intercity Transit’s Walk N Roll program partners with schools and community organizations to offer activities that educate and encourage youth to walk, bike and take the bus. The Walk N Roll program strives to create a healthier, safer and more active community.

Walk N Roll offers a variety of educational and outreach activities:

  • Walk N Roll to School Days encourage youth and their families to walk or bike to school. The Walk N Roll program provides schools with the tools and coordination to make their events successful. We also help schools celebrate National Bike and Walk to School Days.
  • The School Bike Challenge is part of the Thurston County Bicycle Commuter Challenge. The Walk N Roll program helps schools organize a two-week long bike challenge during the month of May. Students log their miles to win prizes.
  • Safe Streets Ambassador asks drivers to commit to making roads safer for biking and walking by driving the speed limit, avoiding distractions, being cautious around kids, stopping for pedestrians, and sharing the road with bikes.
  • Class Pass helps schools and youth organizations with field trip transportation on our regularly scheduled buses.
  • Rolling Classroom field trips provide school groups the chance to ride an Intercity Transit bus, tour the maintenance facility, and ride through the bus wash. Prior to the field trip a classroom presentation is provided to prepare students for their bus riding experience.
  • Bike Rodeos teach youth real world skills to prepare them to ride a bike safely. Intercity Transit helps schools and community partners organize bike rodeo events.
  • Walk N Roll Bike Rides provide a chance for youth and their families to practice biking on low-traffic roads. Rides include fun activities and family-friendly destinations.
  • Earn-A-Bike classes teach middle school students basic mechanical and bicycle safety skills in the classroom and on the road. Upon completion of the class, students in need get a bike refurbished by our bike shop volunteers.
  • Bike MVP is a pilot program of Intercity Transit’s Walk N Roll Youth Education Program aimed at engaging high school youth in learning a new skill, while giving back to their community with service hours that could count toward graduation and other school requirements. 
  • Walk N Roll Bike Shop is a well-equipped bike shop with professional tools and work benches where volunteers repair bikes for use in our Earn-A-Bike and other youth education programs. Hundreds of local youth have earned bikes through our programs. The shop is a great place to connect with your community and learn a new skill. We are always seeking donations and new volunteers.
  • Walk N Roll Yard Signs encourage drivers to slow down, improving the safety for students walking and rolling in Olympia’s neighborhoods and school zones.

Contact us at or 360-705-5855