Project Description

The renovation and construction work underway at Intercity Transit’s Pattison Street Maintenance, Operations and Administrative facility represents years of planning, preparation, and hard work. The original facility, which opened in 1985, was built to service 80 vehicles. This  project will allow us to better accommodate our existing fleet of over 400 vehicles, provide additional services supported by voters in November 2018 and allow us to grow in the future as our community grows. The facilities will incorporate space for new propulsion technologies that will make our fleet more efficient and decrease our environmental impact. Exterior finishes and landscaping are designed to create a welcoming space for our neighbors, our passengers, our employees and our community as a whole.

The Administration and Operations (ADOPS) building at the intersection of Pattison Street and Martin Way is designed to welcome the public and be accessible from the street as well as from a parking garage. A second Fuel Wash Facility (FWF) along Martin Way will support essential fleet maintenance work including fueling and vehicle washing, as well as space for facilities maintenance. Our Walk N Roll youth education program has public access along Martin Way.

In addition to the new traffic signal and pedestrian crosswalk already installed at Martin Way and Pattison Street, site improvements will include a new bus stop, sidewalks and a bike lane to increase safety and mobility for pedestrians and bicyclists travelling along Martin Way.

Construction of the ADOPS, FWF, and Walk N Roll youth education buildings, was completed in late 2022. Renovation of the existing Maintenance building and remaining site work will begin in the spring of 2023 and is targeted for completion in the summer of 2025 when the Pattison Expansion and Renovation project will be complete

Project Timeline


Improvements & Milestones


  • Intercity Transit’s current headquarters completed.


  • First Intercity Transit Master Plan developed to anticipate and satisfy our perceived needs 25 years into the future.


  • Acquired parcel to the north of the Pattison Street facility to make way for future expansion.


  •  Master Plan updated.

Summer 2018

  • Replacement of underground storage tanks.
  • Construction of a fueling station.
  • Expansion of the bus yard on the north parcel property.

Fall 2019 

  • Master Plan Updated.
  • Completed some frontage improvements along Pattison Street and Martin Way.
  • Installation of a new traffic signal.

Summer 2020:

  • Begin construction of the ADOPS building and the FWF, which includes the Walk N Roll youth education building.
  • This phase of the project was complete in late 2022 and the Certificate of Occupancy was issued in January 2023.

Spring 2023


  • Begin renovation of the existing Maintenance building.
  • Removal of the existing Administration building originally built in 1985.
  • Expand the upper employee parking lot and repair th Bus yard.
  • Additional storm water capacity.
  • Construction of a new propane fuel station.

Neighborhood Impacts

Construction will incorporate site processes and best practices to minimize construction impacts to neighboring properties. At times, traffic revisions for vehicles and pedestrians will be in place on Pattison Street and Martin Way in the vicinity of the project, impacting traffic, and pedestrian and bicyclist access for those travelling in the area. Construction will be limited to weekdays from approximately 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

We will post periodic updates on this page throughout the duration of the project.

For More Information:
Customer Service: 360-786-1881