A Bus driving in the snow

Riding Intercity Transit in a Snow Storm

Intercity Transit buses operate in inclement weather as long as it is safe. Some routes most likely affected by severe weather have Standard Snow Detours. You can find up-to-date information on delays and detours on the Intercity Transit home page.

Become familiar with your routes before snow hits. Learn what routes serve your location, where the stops are, what the schedule is, and keep exact change for the bus fare.

Buses may not be able to adhere to published schedules. Please dress warmly, you may need to wait at the stop longer than usual. Use OneBusAway, an online tool that tells you the time your bus will arrive at your stop in real time. Please note: This tool will not work if your bus is on detour.

Standard Snow Detours

The routes listed below will likely go on detour in snowy weather. If your route is not on the list below, your bus is probably able to run its normal route even in snow and ice. However, service on all routes may be delayed. Differences in storms sometimes force us to take detours different from the ones shown on the snow maps or listed below.
Route 41 Standard Snow Detour
Route 43 Standard Snow Detour
Route 44 Standard Snow Detour
Route 45 Standard Snow Detour
Route 47 Standard Snow Detour
Route 60 Standard Snow Detour
Route 64 Standard Snow Detour

Use Our Online Tools: Trip Planner and Real-Time Arrival Information

Trip Planner: Use the Trip Planner at the upper right hand corner of every web page. The Trip Planner does not take into account detours or schedule delays.
OneBusAway: OneBusAway tells you what time your bus will arrive at your stop in real time. This tool will not work on detoured portions of routes.

How to Know if Your Bus is on Snow Detour

Get the latest updates on snow routes by checking:

  • Rider Alerts
  • Local radio stations
    KGY 95.3 FM
    KRXY 94.5 FM
    KXXO 96.1 FM
  • Customer Service at 360-786-1881 (please be patient, phone lines are busy during inclement weather)
  • Follow us on Facebook or Twitter

Where to Catch a Bus

  • When streets are slick, wait for buses at posted bus stops on flat portions of the street, at Transit Centers or major transfer points; avoid hills.
  • If there's no traffic going by your bus stop, walk to a stop on a busy street.
  • Know your snow route. If your bus is on snow route, your regular stop may be closed.
  • If your bus stop is in the middle of a hill, walk to the bottom.
  • Stand back from the curb until the bus comes to a complete stop.
  • The bus may not pull all the way over to the curb, to avoid getting stuck.
  • At park and ride lots, buses will continue to try to stop at their stops inside the lot. However, buses may need to stop on the street outside the lot.

Accessible Services in Snowy Conditions

We try to provide scheduled, accessible bus service during adverse conditions; however, some conditions can prevent our using lifts or ramps or the bus from reaching the curb or stopping at some bus stops.
During adverse weather conditions, there could be significant delays. If you cannot wait in the cold, you may want to find alternate transportation. If your disability prevents you from traveling on our fixed route in the ice and snow, you may be temporarily eligible for door-to-door service on our Dial-A-Lift service. Please contact our Dial-A-Lift office at 360-754-9393 to inquire.

Your Route May Operate with a Shuttle

Depending on road conditions, we may operate shuttles along portions of some routes to connect with buses that can continue service. Routes that may use shuttles are 43 and 44 between SPSCC and the Courthouse. Look for "Snow Route" on the sign on the front of the bus.

Dial-A-Lift Service in Snowy Conditions

We continue operating Dial-A-Lift except where unsafe to do so. Please be patient with Dial-A-Lift service during inclement weather conditions. Drivers may run behind schedule. Contact your destination to make sure they are open and dress appropriately for the elements.

If you are concerned about the status of your ride, please call us at 360-754-9393. When we must suspend service, Dial-A-Lift may still be available for emergency services such as trips to critical medical appointments or to pick up prescriptions or groceries. Dial-A-Lift staff will make every effort to provide service to certified riders who notify us that their trips are essential. Dial-A-Lift staff will make the final decision about whether or not we can provide a trip safely.

Routes on county roads may be delayed or cancelled. Call Dial-A-Lift at 360-754-9393 for information.

Vanpool Service in the Snow

Vanpool customers, check with your volunteer drivers to discuss snow plans prior to adverse weather.

Village Vans

Village Vans may operate on reduced schedules. Call 360-705-5840 to learn about service hours or to find out if your scheduled trip has been cancelled. We will make every effort to notify you as soon as possible of necessary changes.

Community Vans

Community Van service may be canceled. In snowy or icy weather, call 360-786-8800 before you take out the van to make sure it is safe to drive the vehicle

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