Intercity Transit's five-year zero-fare demonstration project went into effect on January 1, 2020. During the demonstration project, Intercity Transit will not collect fares from passengers for some of its services.

Zero-Fare Services:

Learn more about the zero-fare demonstration project.

Services that Require Fares:

Regional Reduced Fare Permits

The Regional Reduced Fare Permit simplifies travel for senior and disabled riders of public transportation around Puget Sound. With the Regional Reduced Fare Permit, eligible persons do not need to carry more than one permit to receive the reduced-fare benefits of multiple systems within the region. Although Intercity Transit bus passengers will no longer require fares, Customer Service will still process Regional Reduced Fare Permit applications for eligible seniors who wish to travel by bus outside of Intercity Transit's service area. 

Connecting to Other Transit Systems

Intercity Transit connects to a number of area transit agencies. When riding on different systems, you will be required to pay their fares. For information on fares on those systems, please see the links below.