Tool bench in the Walk N Roll bike shop

Community Bike Classes

We offer free community bike classes at the Walk N Roll bike shop. No registration is required. Sign up for our newsletter to receive information on upcoming classes. 

Volunteer in the bike shop

Volunteers learn and practice bike mechanic skills while refurbishing donated bikes. These bikes are used to support Walk N Roll’s bicycle education programs. Learn more about volunteering with Walk N Roll.

Donate a bike

We accept donations of gently used bicycles and bike parts. After being refurbished in our bike shop, donated bikes are used to support our bicycle education programs. Please contact us at for donation information. 

We are not currently accepting kids' bikes (20” wheels and smaller).  Donation options for kids' bikes are the Hope Bike Shop at Reeves Middle School, and Bikes for Kids in Tacoma.

Find Us

The Walk N Roll Bike Shop is located at 2955 Martin Way East, Olympia. Find more information on our location and how to find us

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