Route 12 Snow Route
Standard Snow Detour - Route 12

If Lakeridge Drive is closed:

  • Buses will serve SPSCC via I-5 and Highway 101.
  • Shuttle service will be provided between SPSCC and Thurston County Courthouse and vicinity. Look for "Snow Route" on the sign on the front of the bus.

If Barnes Boulevard over Tumwater Hill is closed:

  • Outbound buses will follow Highway 101, 2nd Ave., and Linwood Ave. to the regular route.
  • Inbound buses will follow Linwood Ave., Capitol Blvd., E St. to Deschutes Way, and Highway 101 to SPSCC.

If the Crosby entrance to SPSCC is closed

  • Service will be to SPSCC’s Mottman Rd. entrance.