Intercity Transit’s Walk N Roll program develops educational opportunities, encouragement campaigns, and programs in schools to increase biking, walking, and bus riding. 

The youth education program promotes environmental stewardship relating to transportation. The program addresses climate, health, and safety issues through rolling classroom lessons for local students, interagency planning coordination, and support for national Safe Routes to Schools efforts.

Contact us to develop curriculum, events, programs, or presentations for your school or organization, or to learn about volunteer opportunities. 

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Did you Know…

In 1968, 48 percent of children ages 5-14 walked or bicycled to school. In 2009, according to National Safe Routes to School Data, it was only 13 percent.

As motor vehicle traffic increases, parents become convinced that their children are unsafe walking or biking to school. They drive instead, even if they live close by, adding traffic to the roads and discouraging more parents in the same way they were. This vicious cycle results in less physical activity for everybody and leads to higher rates of asthma, diabetes, and obesity. 

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