Olympia, WA -- Intercity Transit (IT) is asking the community for their insights and priorities to improve public transportation in Thurston County. Called “IT Road Trip”, the outreach begins with identifying public expectations for future transportation services. Down the road and into 2018, this community feedback will create the foundation for both short and long-range plans. 

”Better transportation takes planning,” says Ann Freeman-Manzanares, Intercity Transit General Manager. “We’re casting a wide net to ask every person and group we can reach for their opinion on what services we should provide to meet the needs of our community.”

The Thurston Regional Planning Council estimates over 100,000 people will move into Thurston County over the next twenty years. Such growth means even more congestion and an increased demand on existing transit services.

“Our mission is to help create a community that is livable, healthy, prosperous and accessible for everyone that lives, works and plays here. We need to know what services people would like to keep or add, how to make the system easier to use, and hear the community’s ideas for improving the quality and efficiency of public transportation options,” says Freeman-Manzanares.

After soliciting input, Intercity Transit will return to the community with a set of service alternatives and, once again, ask people to weigh-in with their priorities and preferences. After that, IT Road Trip will focus on identifying a funding strategy for achieving the community’s preferences. 

Between now and September, Intercity Transit volunteers, board members and staff will be conducting in-person interviews at transit centers, community events and civic and business meetings. Surveys also are available on the buses, at community libraries and online. To take the brief “Design a Better Transit System” survey any time, go to ITRoadTrip.net. Survey participants will get a chance to win a $250 VISA Gift Card.

Media Contact:
Rena Shawver, Intercity Transit Communications
360-705-5842 or rshawver@intercitytransit.com