Based on comments received and additional technical review, Intercity Transit has made three amendments to the proposed route and service change scheduled for September 23, 2018. Additionally, the public comment period has been extended from June 20 to June 30, providing additional time for community input to the amendments.

The proposed Route 612 has been modified.

  1. Route 612:The proposed route adds service to the Tacoma Dome Station, but discontinues service between the Tacoma Dome Station and 10th & Commerce. The Tacoma Dome Station provides additional connections to regional transit service that are not available at 10th & Commerce.

The following routes have been added to the proposal:

  1. Route 41: The proposed changes would reduce the frequency of bus service on weekdays (when The Evergreen State College is in session) from 15 minutes to 30 minutes during the morning and evening peak periods. The proposed change to the Route 41 is the result of reduced ridership and demand for peak-hour bus service.

What’s Different?

  • The 4 weekday morning trips that depart the Olympia Transit Center at :15 & :45 after the hour and arrive at The Evergreen State College at :42 & :12 after the hour would be discontinued.
  • The 6 weekday evening trips that depart The Evergreen State College at :18 & :48 after the hour and arrive at the Olympia Transit Center at :40 & :10 after the hour would be discontinued.

Note: These trips are only provided on weekdays during the fall, winter and spring when The Evergreen State College is in session.

  1. Route 45: The proposed changes would modify the outbound portion of the route to introduce new service on Harrison Avenue, Kaiser Road and Capital Mall Drive.

What's Different?

  • A change in the outbound bus route will provide westbound service on Harrison Avenue between Cooper Point Road and Kaiser Road; provide southbound service on Kaiser Road between Harrison Avenue and 7th Ave (Capital Mall Drive); provide eastbound service on 7th Avenue (Capital Mall Drive) between Kaiser Road and Cooper Point Road; and provide northbound service on Cooper Point Road between Capital Mall Drive and Mall Loop Drive (Capital Mall).

To allow additional time for community review of the new proposed amendments, the public comment period for the September 23, 2018 proposed service changes has been extended through June 30, 2018.

For additional information on the proposed September 23, 2018 service changes and to provide feedback on the proposed changes, please visit our website