myStop app - Real-time Information Trip Planner Email and Text Alert Service Alerts


Get the information you need in the palm of your hand with the myStop app!

Installing the app

Look for myStop in the App or Google Play Store and download the app. When the app has downloaded, open the app. Click on the Intercity Transit logo in the Transit Authorities list.

Main Screen

The main screen shows a map of the service area and the following sections:

  1. Main Menu
  2. Favorite Stops
  3. Map/Satellite View
  4. Your Location
  5. View Service Alerts

Main Menu

Click on the hamburger icon at the top left of the screen to open the Main Menu.

  • Real-Time Info - Brings you back to the map.
  • All Stops - Shows a list of all Intercity Transit stops. In the Search field, type the stop ID or stop name to find the stop you are looking for. Stops show according to proximity of your location.
  • When you pick a stop, a screen shows the next departure times by route for that stop. You can “favorite” that stop by tapping the star in the top right corner. You can also add a notification for that stop by tapping the bell icon.
  • Feedback - Provide comments or feedback to Intercity Transit by filling out your name, email address and comments. Select Submit Feedback to send your email.
  • Settings - Allows you to adjust settings such as Accessibility Mode, Map Provider, Transit Agency, or Advanced Settings. Accessibility Mode allows visually impaired individuals to use the app with audible prompts.

Favorite Stops

Tapping the Favorite Stops icon shows a list of your favorite stops. If you haven’t saved any favorite stops, you can do so by selecting a stop from the map or the All Stops list and tapping the star for that stop.

Map/Satellite View

Tapping the Map/Satellite View icon alternates between map and satellite views.

Your Location

Tapping the Location icon zooms the map in to your location.

View Service Alerts

Tap the red View Service Alerts button to see service alerts for your area. These include information about detours, stop closures and snow detours during inclement weather. Service alerts have priority levels of Low, Medium and High.


From the main screen, tap Select Routes at the bottom of the screen to bring up a list of our routes. Click on the route(s) that you want to view on your screen. Each route you select will show stops and the current location of buses on that route.

Swipe the list down to bring you back to the map, which will now show the outline(s) of the route(s) you selected. If you no longer want to see a route you have selected, deselect it from the list to reset the map.

Real-time Bus Location and Status

Buses traveling on the route(s) you selected will appear on the map as a bus icon. Their locations are shown in real-time. Beside the icon, you may see a directional arrow indicating the direction the bus is traveling.

Tapping on a bus icon shows the bus and route numbers, if the bus is on time or how far behind schedule it is running, the direction the bus is heading on the route, the last stop made by the bus, the amount of seating available, and the time the information was last updated.


By tapping a stop circle on the map, you will see the stop name and number, along with the next departures by route from that stop. Tap the star icon to the right of the stop number to make this a favorite stop. You can set up an alert for any of the trips listed, by tapping on the bell icon associated with that trip. Fill out how many minutes before departures from that stop within a given time range you wanted to be notified, departure times, and whether you want to receive notification by text or email. Select Add Notification to save the alert.

Trip Planning

Tap the Trip Planning button to open the Trip Planner window. To enter the start and end points of your trip, start typing in the From and To fields, which will bring up a list of possible options. It is best to select start and end points from the list to be sure the address is correct, and your trip options are valid.

After entering your starting point and destination, tap the Get Directions button. The Google Transit-based trip planner opens a separate window showing your trip steps. You’ll see route options, travel and walking time, trip travel time, departure time and the length of the trip.

Set an Alert

You can set an alert to remind you when a bus will depart from a selected stop. You can select a time range for the departure and when you would like to be notified.

  1. Find the route and stop on the map.
  2. Click the Bell icon next to the departure you want to be reminded about.
  3. Fill out how many minutes before the departure time you want to be notified and the start and end times:
  4. Choose if you wish to receive the alert by text or email.
  5. Enter your phone number or email address and select Add Notification to save the alert. Please note: this is a one-time alert.

Have questions?

Our Customer Service team is available from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily to help you. If you have any questions about installing or using the app, stop by Customer Service at the Olympia Transit Center or call 360-786-1881.