"Poetry Rides the Bus" is a project of the City of Olympia's Poet Laureate Program in partnership with Intercity Transit to help bring uplifting messages to the community. A total of 22 poems written by community members are displayed at bus stops across the City of Olympia and inside our 71-bus fleet.

We strive to provide superior community service and part of that effort is to make our transit environment pleasant. "Poetry Rides the Bus" is a good fit for our mission and fun for our riders.

Ride the bus to check out these inspiring poems. A list of the featured poems and their location in the community is below or on the City of Olympia's website.

"Poetry Rides the Bus"

The following poems were selected from citizen submissions and will be featured on buses and bus shelters around Olympia. 

Poems at Bus Shelters

Poem Poet Bus Shelter
Listen to the Moon Sandra Bates Cooper Pt Rd & 12th Ave
Welcome Keith Bradley-Hewitt Pacific Ave & Pattison
Olympia and Other Words for Water Kathleen Byrd Evergreen Park Dr at Heritage Park Apts
The Beginning of All Our Happiness Erin Crossland Harrison Ave & Kenyon St
Love the Sound Patrick Holm Decatur St & 9th Ave
Madonna of the Boardwalk Joanne Clarkson 8th Ave & Franklin St
It's Contagious Kristi Morrish Division St & Harrison Ave
Wingspan Mandy Paradise 4th Ave & Pacific Ave
Freedom Lenee Reid Ensign Rd at St Peter Hospital
Ride the Bus, It's a Plus Marquita Rossman Bethel St & San Francisco Ave
Three Approaches Sean Williams Conger Ave at Capital High School
The Salish Prairies Bill Yake Martin Way & Lilly Road


Poems on Buses

Poem Poet Bus Numbers
From the Street Bethany Ramos 402, 413, 414, 415, 425, 920, 984, 990, 993
Water's Memory M. Seven Bremner 428, 932, 933, 943, 944, 970, 972, 994
Living in Olympia Has Made Me A Better Person Linda Chandler Smith 405, 922, 927, 951, 953, 963, 975, 977
Olympia Trilogy Beverly Ann Jackson 410, 427, 429, 936, 940, 961, 981
Park of the Seven Oars Denny Jackson 416, 923, 937, 950, 976, 980, 982
Home Megan Bushree 411, 421, 924, 942, 952, 971, 973
Crossing Paths JennyAnn Wheeler 422, 424, 428, 933, 934, 977
The Places I Will Be Bradley Andrews 403, 404, 412, 925, 930, 962, 991
Love lies laughing Mian Bond-Carvin 401, 426, 926, 935, 941, 974, 983
Northern Adventures Maureen Canny 400, 420, 423, 921, 931, 990, 992

For questions about the poems, please contact the City of Olympia's Stephanie Johnson at 360-709-2678 or sjohnso1@ci.olympia.wa.us.