Floating Holidays

Intercity Transit ATU Covered employees work many traditional holidays. In lieu of these holidays, each "eligible employee" will receive floating holidays each year. These will be awarded by adding up to fifty-four vacation hours to each employee's accumulated vacation hours on January 1 of each year. Employees who are not active for duty on January 1 and return to work after January 15 and remain in paid status, shall receive accrued floating holidays in the form of vacation hours on their date of return to work (or date of hire into the bargaining unit) per the following schedule.

Returning to work by April 1: 43 hours

Returning to work by July 1: 33 hours

Returning to work by October 1: 22 hours

Employees hired after January 1 will receive 11 hours of floating holiday time in the form of vacation leave on the date of classification and will accrue vacation hours in lieu of floating holiday time according to the following schedule:

April 1: 32 hours

July 1: 22 hours

October 1: 11 hours


Operators and Dial-A-Lift Dispatch Specialists receive a complete set of uniforms at no cost to the employee.