2019 - 2024 Transit Development Plan and 2018 Annual Report
This document summarizes significant events that affected delivery of transit services in the Thurston County Public Transportation Benefit Area (PTBA). It also illustrates projected changes in local transit services in the next five years based on known facts and forecasted trends. The plan describes the methods and strategies proposed by Intercity Transit staff and endorsed by the Authority Board of Directors necessary to fulfill the provisions contained in our Mission and Vision statements.

2019-2024 Strategic Plan
The Strategic Plan defines levels and types of public transportation services Intercity Transit will offer over the next six years.

2020-2023 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)
The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), adopted on June 5, 2019, represents Intercity Transit's complete program of federally funded projects for 2020-2023.

Intercity Transit Short- and Long-range Plan, October 2018
The Intercity Transit Short and Long Range Plan provides the framework for technical review of current fixed route services and also provides a roadmap for future service enhancements based on the public involvement process (IT Road Trip) that identified community priorities for future transit services. The plan also identifies future capital needs and considers constraints to reliance on future federal funding levels. The plan supports annual consideration of service levels, capital planning and updates to the Intercity Transit Strategic Plan which supports the annual budget development.

2019 Budget
The 2019 budget.

Agency Fact Sheet 2017
Basic information about Intercity Transit's programs, services, facilities, ridership, budget, and more.

2018-2023 Strategic Plan
The Strategic Plan defines levels and types of public transportation services Intercity Transit will offer over the next six years.

2018-2023 Transit Development Plan and 2017 Annual Report
The 2018-2023 Transit Development Plan and 2017 Annual Report describes 2017 operational highlights and outlines how we anticipate using our current financial resources over the next six years.

Budget Summary 2017
A summary of the 2017 budget.

2018 Budget
The 2018 budget.

2015 Customer Satisfaction Survey
An on-board survey of over 3,200 current riders and a follow-up phone/online survey of 400 riders.

2015 Market Segmentation Study
A survey of approximately 800 residents in our service area regarding awareness of our programs and services.

2015 Vanpool Customer Satisfaction Survey
An online survey of over 500 current Vanpool participants.

2015 Dial-A-Lift Satisfaction Survey
A survey of 435 current and eligible riders using phone and online data collection.

Sustainability Report 2016
We do a lot of great stuff to help the environment. Read our report to find out what we've been up to!

State of Intercity Transit Report
An annual review of Intercity Transit's operations, financial status, and plans for the future.

Hybrid Bus Fact Sheet
Get the facts about our new biodiesel, electric buses.

Olympia Transit Center Expansion Fact Sheet
Construction to expand the Olympia Transit Center will begin late summer 2018. The new terminal will include additional customer service amenities and regional transit services.

Hawks Prairie Park & Ride Lot Fact Sheet
An innovative and unique public park & ride facility, built atop a closed portion of an old landfill in Thurston County, Washington, supports regional transportation throughout south Puget Sound. The new Hawks Prairie Park & Ride Lot was recognized as the 2013 Washington State Project of the Year by the American Public Works Association.

Bus Stop Development Guidelines
For jurisdictions and land use developers.