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Dial-A-Lift is a door-to-door, shared-ride public transportation service for people with disabilities that prevent them from using our fixed-route bus service. We offer Dial-A-Lift service where and when fixed-route buses operate.

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  • 2015 Dial-A-Lift Customer Survey Results
  • 2011 Dial-A-Lift Customer Survey Results
  • Eligibility Requirements
  • Application for Dial-A-Lift
  • Hours of Operation and Phone Numbers
  • Service Area
  • Getting Certified
  • Fares
  • Scheduling a Ride
  • Scheduling Your Return
  • Scheduling a Standing Ride
  • How to Ride Dial-A-Lift
  • Changing or Canceling a Ride
  • Preventing No Shows
  • What to Expect when Riding Dial-A-Lift
  • What You Can Take on Dial-A-Lift 
  • Attendants and Companions
  • More About No-Shows
  • Making a Comment

    Eligibility Requirements

  • You may be eligible for Dial-A-Lift service if you have a disability or disabling health condition that prevents you from independently using our buses some or all of the time.

    Presence of a disability or a disabling health condition by itself does not automatically make you eligible. Your ability to ride our buses is the basis for eligibility.

    You are eligible for Dial-A-Lift service if you:

    • are unable to board, ride, or exit a lift-equipped bus without assistance,
    • need to use a lift but it cannot be deployed safely at your bus stop,
    • have a disability that prevents travel to and from your bus stop under certain conditions,
    • are certified to use Dial-A-Lift.  

    Categories of Dial-A-Lift Eligibility

    We may classify your eligibility as conditional, unconditional, or temporary as defined and mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulation.

    Conditional Eligibility: "Conditions" that describe when you are unable to use fixed-route bus service.

    Unconditional Eligibility: Your disability or health condition prevents you from using fixed-route bus service for all trips.

    Temporary Eligibility: Your abilities and/or limitations are expected to change within a period of time.

    For More Information: Contact our Rider Certification office at 360-705-5896 or email                top

    Appealing Eligibility Decisions

    Contact the Dial-A-Lift Manager in writing to appeal an eligibility determination. Mail appeals to: Intercity Transit, Attention Dial-A-Lift Manager, P.O. Box 659, Olympia, WA 98507. Appeals will be accepted up to 60 days after the applicant's receipt of notification of a determination. Appeals will be heard and a decision made with 30 days of the applicant's request for reconsideration.

    Hours of Operation & Phone Numbers

    Dial-A-Lift operates where and when fixed-route buses operate.
    Office Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays
    Telephone Reservation Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays; 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekends.

    Ride Scheduling 360-754-9393
    Ride Cancellation Voicemail (24-hour) 360-705-5827 
    Automated Ride Confirmation & Cancellation Line (24-hour)  360-705-5806 (password required)
    Online Ride Booking (24-hour) 
    Outside Thurston Co. 1-800-244-6846
    TTY (for people with hearing or speaking difficulties) 360-357-7133
    Rider Certification 360-705-5896
    Travel Training 360-705-5879
    Fax 360-709-0231
    e-mail correspondence

    Service Area

    Dial-A-Lift serves areas that are within 3/4 to 1-1/2 miles of a fixed-route bus route, depending on your location. Please contact us to find out whether or not you are within our Dial-A-Lift service area. top

    Getting Certified

    You must be certified to ride Dial-A-Lift. New riders must fill out an application. If you need help filling out the application, a friend, relative, or caregiver may help you. We can also assist you.  Call 360-705-5896.

    When Will I Know if I'm Certified?

    We will process your completed application within 21 days. We will send you a letter telling you our decision. If we deny your certification, you may appeal our decision.

    Can I get Temporary Certification?

    Yes, if you have a condition that temporarily prevents you from riding fixed-route buses, you may apply for Dial-A-Lift certification. The 21-day process time still applies.

    If you are visiting our area and are certified by another transit system, you can use Dial-A-Lift.

    What Does the Application Ask?

    The application asks questions about your disability.

    Do I Need a Doctor's Signature?

    No. However, we may contact your doctor, case management, or other health care profssionals. Please sign the application to authorize a health care professional to provide us information. top


    Single Ride 10 Single-Ride Ticket Booklet Daily Pass 10 Daily Tickets Monthly Pass Annual Pass
    $1.25 $12.50 $2.50 $25




    *With reduced fare permit.

    More about fares top

    Scheduling a Ride

    You can begin requesting trips as soon as we notify you of your eligibility.

    For your convenience, there are several options to schedule a ride:

    • Call the Dial-A-Lift scheduling office at 360-754-9393.
    • On-Line at Our Dial-A-Lift Online Ride Booking User's Guide provides helpful information on how to book your rides online.
    • Fax your requests to 360-705-0231. We usually respond to your fax the same day.
    • Confirm ride details on our 24-Hour Automated Ride Confirmation & Cancellation Line at 360-705-5806

    You will be prompted to enter your ‘Client Number’ and ‘4-Digit Security Pin’.  Contact the scheduling office at 360-754-9393 to receive these numbers. 
    As a courtesy, most clients will receive automated night-before calls reminding them of their rides for the next day.  If you choose NOT to receive reminder calls, please contact the scheduling office.  Those with ‘standing rides’ will not receive reminder calls, unless requested.   

    Advance Requests

    You may schedule a ride one to five days in advance by calling our ride scheduling office, 360-754-9393. If you call us up to 5 p.m. (4 p.m. on weekends) the day before you want to travel, we guarantee we will accommodate your request. You may schedule a ride three to five days in advance online at Call or book online on the earliest dates of our booking windows for the best choice of travel times.

    Same-day Requests

    We will make every attempt to accommodate your same-day request. We accept same-day requests as space and time are available, and we cannot guarantee your ride. Allow at least two hours before your first pickup. We will try to fit your request into the current schedule.

    Information to Give the Scheduler

    • Your name.
    • The date you wish to travel. 
    • The street address and phone number of your destination.
    • If you are going to a medical facility or business, provide the name of the facility.
    • The time you wish to be picked up. If your trip is for a scheduled appointment provide your appointment time.
    • The date you wish to travel.
    • If you will use a mobility aid, such as a wheelchair, extra-large wheelchair, walker, scooter, or the lift.
    • Whether or not a Personal Care Attendant, companion or a service animal will ride with you.
    • The time you will be ready for your return. If you cannot return earlier than the time provided, please let us know.

    Dial-A-Lift Dial-A-Lift is a door-to-door, shared-ride public transportation service for people with disabilities that prevent them from using our fixed-route bus service. We offer Dial-A-Lift service where and when fixed-route buses operate. top

    Scheduling your Return

    Tell us what time you want to return and where you will be located. If you won't be ready to leave at your scheduled time, please call us. Rescheduling is based on driver availability. top

    Scheduling a Standing Ride

    You request standing ride reservations for trips that you take repeatedly, such as a work trip that occurs every week on Monday at 8 a.m. We will automatically schedule standing rides. To begin and continue a standing ride, it must:

    • Be taken at least once each week at the same time on the same day of the week.
    • Have been taken for the previous 30 days.
    • Be expected to continue for at least six months.
    • Rarely be changed or cancelled.

    On the following state holidays, standing rides, except for dialysis rides, are cancelled. If you still need your ride on these days, you must call and schedule a ride for that day. Dial-A-Lift does not operate on New Year's Day, Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day.

    Standing Rides are Canceled On the Following Holidays:
    Martin Luther King, Jr., Day
    Presidents Day
    Memorial Day
    Independence Day - 4th of July
    Labor Day
    Veterans Day

    How to Ride Dial-A-Lift

    Be ready at the start of the pickup window of time.

    When you call to reserve your ride, we will give you a pickup time. The van will arrive up to 15 minutes before or up to 15 minutes after this time. For example, if we say that your pickup time is 8:30, we will arrive between 8:15 and 8:45. When you are ready when we arrive, you help keep everyone's trip on schedule.

    How Long Will the Van Wait?

    When the van arrives within your pickup window, the Operator will wait no more than five minutes. If the van arrives before your pickup window starts, you may leave if you are ready. If you are not ready, the Operator will wait until your pickup window starts and then an additional five minutes.

    Late Dial-A-Lift Van Arrivals

    Sometimes traffic conditions delay the van. If it has not arrived by the end of the pickup window, call Dial-A-Lift at 360-754-9393 to inquire.  top

    Changing or Canceling a Ride

    If you wish to change your scheduled ride(s), please call the scheduling office at 360-754-9393 before 5 p.m. (4 p.m. on weekends) the day before your scheduled ride.

    If you wish to cancel your scheduled ride(s), please call our 24-hour cancellation voicemail line at 360-705-5827 and leave a detailed message OR our Automated Ride Confirmation & Cancellation line at 360-705-5806 at least two hours before your scheduled pickup time.  The automated line will prompt you to enter a ‘Client Number’ and ‘4-Digit Security Pin’.  Contact the scheduling office at 360-754-9393 to receive these numbers.  You may also cancel your ride on-line if you booked it on-line at

    If you cancel your ride less than two hours in advance, you are considered a "no show." Your return ride is NOT cancelled automatically. Be sure to specify the trip you do not need. 

    Preventing no Shows

    When riders do not cancel at least two hours in advance or are not available to board within five minutes, you will be considered a no-show.

  • You can prevent no-show situations by:

    • Reviewing dates, times and addresses with the scheduler to be sure information is correct,
    • Calling Dial-A-Lift and canceling your ride as soon as you know you no longer need it,
    • Canceling at least two hours in advance of the scheduled pickup time (cancellations less that two hours in advance are considered no shows), and
    • Being prepared to board at the start time of the pickup window and within five minutes after the bus arrives.

    For more information about no-shows, scroll to "more about no-shows" below. top

    What to Expect When Riding Dial-A-Lift

    Dial-Lift-Operator will help you:

    • Get from your door to the van,
    • Board and exit the van, (you may use the lift),
    • Carry bags (a reasonable number that he or she can safely carry in one trip),
    • Deposit your fare in the farebox,
    • Fasten your seatbelt or secure your mobility device,
    • Get from the van to the door at your destination.

    Operators will help you with manual mobility devices, based on the your needs and request by:

    • Pushing or guiding your manual mobility device to and from the vehicle and on and off the lift platform, and inside the vehicle; and
    • Moving you and your device up or down a single step or curb when it is possible to do so without injury to you or the Operator.

    Customers with powered mobility devices must be able to safely operate and maneuver their wheelchairs or scooters. Operators are not permitted to operate the controls of any powered mobility device. top

    What You May Take on Dial-A-Lift

    Animals: Service animals are welcome. The driver may ask to confirm that your animal is a service animal.

    If you plan to ride Intercity Transit with a service animal, please follow these guidelines:

    • Your animal must be on a leash or in a container, remain under your control and behave appropriately.
    • Birds, reptiles, amphibians, rodents and cats must be kept in an enclosed carrier/container.
    • Your animal must remain at your feet or on your lap. It may not sit on a vehicle seat.
    • The animal must not be aggressive toward people or other animals.
    • You are responsible for any damage or soiling your animal causes.

    Pets: You may bring your pet on Dial-A-Lift if your animal is well behaved and kept in an enclosed carrier or container.

    Groceries: Operators will provide assistance with a reasonable number of grocery bags that he or she can safely carry in one trip from the door to the bus and from the bus to the door. This service is limited to the eligible rider only. Personal Care Attendants and companions are not eligible for assistance.

    Luggage: Eligible riders and their PCAs or companions may each take two pieces of luggage plus a carry-on bag. Operators will not handle luggage.

    Oxygen: We will transport personal oxygen tanks on Dial-A-Lift. The Operator will secure the tank on the van, but cannot operate the tank mechanism.

    Other Items: Operators' ability to handle other items is limited in consideration of the safety and space needed for customers. No one item may exceed 30 pounds. For safety reasons, we cannot transport large items such as lumber, furniture or appliances.

    Service During Severe Weather: Occasionally, severe winter weather may limit Dial-A-Lift operations. Visit our Web site for the latest information, or tune to local radio. top

    Attendants & Companions

    A Personal Care Attendant (PCA) may ride with you free. A PCA is someone who travels with and helps a rider who is not able to travel alone. You must provide your own PCA. Please let us know on your application form whether or not you will be using a PCA. This information will guarantee a place for him or her to ride with you.

    Guests and companions may ride with you on Dial-A-Lift.  Be sure to tell the scheduler you will bring a guest when you schedule your ride.  Guests and companions must pay the regular fare. A companion is anyone who rides with you who is not designated as your PCA. top

    More About no-Shows

    We will make a no-show determination when:

    • A rider fails to cancel a ride two hours before the scheduled pickup time, or

    • The rider is not available to take the scheduled ride within five minutes of the Operator arriving at the scheduled pickup point, within the pickup window. 

    If a Dial-A-Lift client establishes a pattern or practice of no-shows, staff will administer progressive warnings and suspensions for violations as follows:

    Original occurrence of five no-shows and 10 percent of scheduled trips are no-shows in a calendar month:

    We will send Dial-A-Lift clients a notice advising them of their no-show record

    First violation - an additional 10 percent of scheduled trips are no-shows in a calendar month: 7-day suspension
    Second violation - an additional 10 percent of scheduled trips are no-shows in a calendar month: 14-day suspension
    Third violation - an additional 10 percent of scheduled trips are no-shows in a calendar month: 21-day suspension
    Fourth violation - an additional 10 percent of scheduled trips are no-shows in a calendar month: 28-day suspension

    Clearing a No-Show Record

    If your no-show rate is less than 10 percent based on your frequency of travel in a calendar month, your no-show record is cleared.

    Appealing No-Shows & Suspensions

    Contact the Dial-A-Lift Manager in writing to appeal no shows and or suspensions. Mail appeals to: Intercity Transit, Attention Dial-A-Lift manager, PO Box 569, OIlympai, WA 98507.  Any pending suspension is placed on hold until the appeal is resolved. top

    Making a Comment

    We welcome comments from our customers. Let us know how we are doing, if you have a problem or a suggestion for improvement. Call 360-786-1881; TTY 360-943-5211; Email top
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