Walk N Roll can mix and match the following presentations to suit your classroom's program. Contact us to discuss unique blends or unlisted topics.

Has your group ridden on an Intercity Transit bus before? We can introduce them to the driver, take them to the shop to see the engine, fuel, inner-workings of the buses, and maybe go through the bus wash!

These mini-lessons are embedded in all rolling classroom presentations:

Citizenship and Public Resources

Whose bus? Your bus! We can discuss public amenities like the transit service, road maintenance, and more.

Energy and Alternative Fuels

What is a hybrid vehicle? What is biodiesel and where does it come from? How do the fuels we burn relate to our air quality and climate?

Health and Transportation

How is public transportation related to increases in air quality? How does increased air quality affect our health?

Offered on request:

Design and Development

How is sustainable design related to public transportation? What does the future look like in terms of density and traffic corridors? What is a “complete street” and what kind of transportation does it support? How do we encourage alternative transportation around schools? Why are schools an important focus?

Experiments and Demonstrations

Speed of Traffic

With radar guns, polling, and other class exercises Walk N Roll can help students understand the speed of traffic and how it relates to their safety and the safety of their community.

Walk Your Block

Providing community education and safety training, this exercise brings students out of the classroom and into the neighborhood for a short walking tour.

Safety Training

Concerned about children's safety while they walk or ride their bicycles? We offer lessons and curriculum to boost their safety skills and support local Safe Routes to School initiatives.

Check out our Walk N Roll program to find ways to encourage alternative transportation at your school.

Bike Rodeos

Where is it safe to ride? How should your helmet be adjusted? How high can you raise your seat? How do you pump your tires? This basic riding class is tailored to meet the needs of new riders.

Bike Field Trips

We provide safety training and supervised rides where students learn safe-riding techniques. We also teach basic bike maintenance and discuss safe riding and the personal and environmental health benefits of cycling.

Walk Abouts

During walk abouts, student walks to school are supported by discussions on how to reduce unsafe situations and compare safe and risky behaviors in local neighborhood settings.