Become a Pace Car driver and make positive traffic changes!

The Pace Car Program Needs People Who:

  • Drive the speed limit.
  • Are courteous drivers.
  • Are willing to show they care about neighborhoods and be part of the traffic solution.
  • Know that each individual is responsible for their driving habits.

Be part of the solution! Recognizing that your driving affects the safety and livability of other people's neighborhoods, just as other people's driving affects your neighborhood.

I Pledge To:

  • Drive within the speed limit and obey traffic regulations.
  • Share the road with bicyclists and pass on the left only when able to give at least 3 feet of space.
  • Be extra cautious and aware near schools and around children.
  • Yield to people crossing the street.
  • Give my full attention to driving and avoid distractions such as cell phones.
  • Walk, bike, bus, or share a ride when possible to help reduce traffic.
  • Display the Pace Car Pledge decal on my vehicle.
  • Encourage others to make our community safer and more livable by taking the Pledge.

Keep Kids Safe

Kids should be able to walk, bike, and get around safely in their neighborhoods and schools. They also need time to learn all these skills that will help them to be safe pedestrians and cyclists. As drivers, we can set the "pace" and help young people and families feel safe walking and biking to get places. Kids and adults who walk and bike are healthier and learn best practices for getting around outside in the laboratory of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will My Driving Make a Difference?

Yes. We only need a small percentage of drivers acting as Pace Cars to slow traffic city wide. People then feel more comfortable walking or bicycling, which reduces traffic and makes streets safer.

Do I Only Act As a Pace Car In My Neighborhood?

Ideally, becoming a Pace Car in all areas of our city (neighborhood roads, freeways, rural roads, etc.) makes everyone safer. The Pace Car promotes a civility and mutual respect on all streets and in all driving situations.

Take the Pledge by filling out the form on this page. Once your Pledge is received, we will mail you a Pace Car decal!