Picture of youth and teacher boarding a bus

Qualifying groups can get free transportation to youth field trips on Intercity Transit’s regular bus service.

What is a Class Pass?

A Class Pass is a free way for educators and youth organizations to take field trips using regularly scheduled Intercity Transit buses. Along with a Class Pass, qualifying groups can request a classroom presentation from an Intercity Transit educator to prepare students for their bus ride. Class Passes make public transit accessible to more youth, a goal of the Intercity Transit Walk N Roll youth education program.

Who qualifies for a Class Pass?

If your group meets the following criteria, it qualifies for a Class Pass. If your group is:

  • From a public or nonprofit school or youth organization.
  • Made up of youth in grades pre-K through 12.
  • Between 10 and 40 people, including students, chaperones, and teachers. Due to the size of our buses, groups larger than 40 need to get two separate Class Passes and travel on different buses. Please submit a Class Pass request for each group.
  • Starting and ending its trip near an Intercity Transit bus stop? Find a list of schools located near bus routes on our website. 
  • Requesting a pass at least three weeks prior to your field trip date.

How to get a Class Pass

  • Submit an online request form at least three weeks prior to your trip. On the form, please tell us if you would like a classroom presentation from an Intercity Transit educator.
  • If you request a classroom presentation, one of our educators will contact you to make arrangements.
  • We will send you an email with the Class Pass and bus route information.
  • On the day of your trip, print the Class Pass and show it to the Intercity Transit bus driver when you board. Please tell the driver the number of people in your group. When you get off the bus, count your students and let the driver know when everyone has safely exited.

Preparing your students for the bus

To ensure a safe and enjoyable trip for your students and other passengers, please prepare your students for their bus ride by sharing the following information:

  • Always be quiet and respectful to other riders.
  • There are limited seats on the bus, so some students may need to stand. Always hold on to a hand railing when standing.
  • Please move from seats at the front of the bus to accommodate senior citizens, riders with disabilities and people in mobility devices.
  • Never cross in front of the Intercity Transit bus unless it is stopped at a traffic light.
  • Show your students this fun and educational video about riding the bus.

Classroom Presentation

If you request a classroom presentation, one of our educators will come talk to your students about riding the bus. Students will learn:

  • Why public transit is an important part of a community.
  • What is active transportation and why it’s important.
  • How to ride the bus.

Request a Bus Buddy

Feeling a little nervous about navigating the bus system? Our Bus Buddy volunteers would love to help! Bus Buddies are experienced bus riders with excellent customer assistance skills.They will ride with you and your students to help make sure you get on the correct bus, off at the right stop, and help with transfers. To request a Bus Buddy volunteer contact Scott at 360-688-8832. Please provide 72 hours advance notice for local trips and five business days for trips to other counties.

Canceling or rescheduling a trip

If you need to cancel or reschedule your trip, please contact Intercity Transit Customer Service at customerservice@intercitytransit.com or call 360-786-1881.