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How does vanpooling work?

  • A vanpool is a group of three or more people who share similar commutes.
  • Start a vanpool with just three riders. Call 360-786-8800 to learn how.
  • Groups need a Group Leader, at least one driver.
  • The first month is free.
  • Recruit new riders and qualify to receive our financial incentives.

What we do

  • Provide your group with a van.
  • Provide fuel, insurance and regular maintenance.
  • Help you recruit riders.
  • Provide an emergency ride home, paid for by your employer or Intercity Transit.
  • Approve and train drivers.

What you do

  • Pay a low monthly fare based on the round trip mileage.
  • Decide pick-up and drop-off locations.
  • Pay your fare at the beginning of each month to reserve your seat.

Vanpooling benefits everyone

Some of the benefits to riders include: 

  • An affordable ride.
  • A safe, relaxed, reliable commute.
  • Less wear and tear on your personal vehicle.
  • Potentially lower insurance rates on your personal vehicle.
  • Personal satisfaction for easing traffic congestion and air pollution.

Some of the benefits to employers include:

  • Free co-branding.
  • Potential B&O tax credits.
  • Recruitment and retention strategy.
  • More parking space.
  • Competitive employee benefit.
  • Connect us with your employer so we can help them to reap the rewards.

Some of the benefits to the community include:

  • Reduced traffic congestion.
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Lower environmental impact.