As part of our observance of our 30th year of service, we invited the public to tell us how we are doing. We received 1,455 surveys from households within our 97-square-mile service area. Here are a few highlights:

  • 93 percent of total respondents indicated public transit is extremely or very important.
  • The top priorities are: keep bus fare low; improve services for the elderly and people with disabilities; and increase frequency on existing local routes.
  • 74 percent were not transit users but indicated transit is valuable to our community.
  • Of the 26 percent who use another travel mode than driving alone to work, 17 percent ride the bus; 3 percent carpool; 3 percent cycle; 2 percent walk; and 1 percent vanpool.

71 percent of respondents see public transportation as extremely important to the community, with Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, Yelm, and unincorporated residents in agreement.








Most people think Intercity Transit spends tax dollars wisely 



Respondents place higher priority on improving services and keeping fares low