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Youth who use a green transportation option six times in April can win a prize! When traveling to school, to the park or to other locations, use a green transportation option instead of going by car. Green transportation includes walking, rolling (biking, wheelchair, skateboard, scooter, etc.), riding transit, or carpooling. If you have to go by car, park at least a half mile away and walk to your destination. By using green transportation, you improve air quality, get exercise and reduce traffic congestion. Email your completed challenge form to walknroll@intercitytransit.com by May 1 and we will mail you a prize. Send a photo of you completing the challenge for a bonus prize! By sending a photo you give Intercity Transit permission to use the photo for public promotion. All Thurston County youth can participate. 

Walking and Rolling to School

 “My walk or bike ride to school with my son is a time for us to chat without screens or stress. He always reminds me to say “yahoo” when we go down hills too. It’s a great start to my morning or end to my day” -Pioneer Elementary School parent

As many parents and guardians continue to work from home, walking and rolling to school can be a great opportunity to get the whole family outside for some fresh air. For caregivers who still need to commute to work, these local resources can help you choose a green commute option.

No Idling in School Zones!

Idling cars make our air quality worse, which causes problems for those with asthma and other respiratory issues, and it increases the impacts of climate change. If you drive your children to school, remember to turn your car off during drop-off and pick-up to help improve air quality for students. Learn more about Thurston County’s Climate Mitigation Plan