The value of an individual ticket is the same as cash. Tickets come in 3 different values - $1, $1.25 and $2.50 - and are valid on local and Express service routes. Booklets of 10 tickets are available for purchase at Intercity Transit Customer Service office, Ralph's Thriftway (weekdays only), or Lacey City Hall. Place a ticket in the farebox upon boarding.

Single Trip

A single fare is good for one trip on Intercity Transit. Pay as you board with exact change, a pass or a bus ticket. Operators do not make change or accept checks. A change machine is available at the Olympia Transit Center. 

Daily Pass

A daily pass is good for unlimited number of rides on the date of the pass. Buy a daily pass as you board with cash (exact change only) or with a daily ride ticket. Operators do not make change or accept checks. You are welcome to use the change machine at the Olympia Transit Center.

Monthly Passes

A monthly pass entitles you to unlimited rides during the month indicated on the pass. Monthly passes for the coming month go on sale on the 24th. For example, March passes go on sale February 24. We do not prorate Monthly passes purchased after the first of the month. 

Local Passes

  • Adult – Monthly
  • Youth – Monthly Get it and Go
  • Reduced – Monthly*
  • Monthly and Annual Reduced (sticker)**

Express Passes

  • Full - Monthly
  • Reduced – Monthly*

*Reduced Monthly Pass: requires a Regional Reduced Fare Permit. See details under, “Reduced Fares: Permit Card Required.”

**Monthly and Annual Reduced: see details under ‘Reduced Fares’ and ‘Monthly and Annual Reduced Fare Pass.’

Where to Buy a Monthly Pass

  • Olympia: Olympia Transit Center, City Hall, Ralph's Thriftway (weekdays only), The Evergreen State College Bookstore, Timberland Regional Library (closed Sundays)
  • Lacey: City Hall, Timberland Regional Library (closed Sundays)
  • Tenino: Timberland Regional Library (closed Sundays and Mondays)
  • Tumwater: City Hall, Timberland Regional Library (closed Sundays)
  • Yelm: Tim's Pharmacy & Gifts, Timberland Regional Library (closed Sundays and Mondays)
  • By mail order: Intercity Transit's Pass-by-Mail program

Regional Reduced Fare Permit 

Senior citizens 65 years and older and people with disabilities are entitled to reduced fares on Intercity Transit service and many Puget Sound area transit systems. Intercity Transit issues Regional Reduced Fare Permit cards, or you can acquire one from any participating transit system in our region. If you live or travel in an area where the ORCA fare system is available, please request an ORCA - Regional Reduced Fare Permit card. Only one card is needed and it is valid on all participating systems.

Regional Reduced Fare Permit card eligibility is based on age, disability, or possession of a Medicare Card. You can print an application, fill it out online and print it, or call Customer Service, 360-786-1881, to have one mailed to you. Once approved, the permit card is issued directly to the individual. The Permit costs $3.  

Monthly and Annual Reduced Fare Pass

A Monthly or Annual Pass sticker is available only for Regional Reduced Fare Permit holders. A fare “sticker” is placed on your Regional Reduced Fare Permit card. The permit holder may purchase a pro-rated Annual Pass sticker anytime for this card, but only at the Customer Service Office at the downtown Olympia Transit Center.

Student & Employer Passes

State Agency Rider (STAR) Pass

The State Agency Rider (STAR) Pass is an Employee ID with valid sticker for state employees who work in Thurston County. It is valid on all Intercity Transit services, including Dial-A-Lift and Express.

If you are a state employee who rides Pierce, Mason, or Grays Harbor Transit for work in Thurston County, you may qualify for a fare subsidy.

The STAR Pass is paid for by state agencies with worksites in Thurston County. For more information or to get a STAR Pass, see your worksite Employee Transportation Coordinator or visit

College passes

Pass programs are available for currently enrolled students at:

  • South Puget Sound Community College.
  • The Evergreen State College.
  • Saint Martin's University (undergrad only).

Show a current student ID card with valid sticker and ride local Intercity Transit routes free. Students pay full fare for the Express service to Tacoma and Lakewood.

Thurston County, Thurston Regional Planning and City of Olympia

Each of these organizations has a local pass program for their employees. For information please contact your organization’s Employee Trip Coordinator or Human Resources department.